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The Enchanted World

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This game essentially boils down to a sliding tile puzzle game, but presented in a very unique manner. The variety of tiles and obstacles found in the game adds an interesting layer of puzzle and strategy. Worth a try.

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The Enchanted World is a beautiful tile sliding puzzle-adventure set in a magical world torn asunder by dark forces.

Guide a young fairy through a series of beautiful environments, delightful puzzles, and meet strange characters on her journey to piece the world back together.

Explore enchanted forests and mysterious meadows, visit barren deserts and descend into dark caves, hop through magical marshes, get into an abandoned factory and visit the surreal future world.


Experience stylish low-poly visuals with beautiful animations

Solve more than 30 challenging handcrafted tile sliding puzzles

9 completely different worlds and tile sets

Experience a beautiful story told only through breathtaking visuals, music and sound

Fight an epic tile sliding boss battle

Interact with the world and characters around you

Walk the winding paths of the Enchanted World

Enjoy beautiful original music and audio. Headphones recommended.

The journey of the fairy is partly inspired by the authors’ childhoods and is a game made with passion and a lot of attention to detail. Every scene was carefully crafted by hand to provide a joyful and rewarding experience. Combined with the artist’s previous background in film animation and visual effects, The Enchanted World delivers a uniquely beautiful experience.

** Best Upcoming Game - International Mobile Gaming Awards Global 2018 **

** Multi award winning game **

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