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Pretty good puzzle game with great level design, a decent difficulty curve, lots of variation, and really nice 3D visuals and effects. Unfortunately, the 2D elements and UI are not great and clash a lot with the game’s aesthetic.

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From the creator of Apple App Store’s Game of the Day game, Glitch Dash!

In Hexaflip you flip through hexagonal mazes filled with deadly obstacles, avoid hammers, spikes, lasers and more to collect orbs and reach the end! This is a real action-puzzle brain-teaser that mixes timing with thinking.

Flip through beautiful and abstract worlds complemented by an atmospheric soundtrack in an experience brought to life with the highest quality production values. If you are looking for a fun and new, challenging arcade action puzzler, then Hexaflip is the game for you!


• A hyper-casual game with console-quality production

• Simple to play, difficult to master

• Intuitive casual controls--just move left and right to progress

• Gloriously abstract, funky and beautiful graphics

• More than 80 levels spread over six worlds!

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