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Interesting concept. It’s a word-based puzzle game where you re-arrange words and sentences in excerpts from various stories. The different modes allow you to turn the relaxing read-and-play experience into a brain-teasing puzzle game.

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Dear Reader lets you curl up and play your favorite books, turning classic literature into fun word puzzles. Unscramble passages from famous books, unlock unique puzzles, and add new books to your library—from Pride and Prejudice to the Wizard of Oz.

Dear Reader includes fifty literary classics and dozens of different word puzzles, from unscrambling anagrams to swapping lines of text. As far as we know, this is the first game where you can dive in and play with the actual written words from so many tempting books.

And it’s fun! As Michelle Ehrhardt of Kill Screen wrote, “As novel as the game is, it plays with the same confidence as a 100-year old classic.”

Official Finalist, IndieCade 2018

Official Selection, Indie Megabooth GDC Showcase 2019

Funding recipient, Indie Fund 2019

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