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Super cute puzzle game with intuitive controls and clever puzzles. Flying the rocket between levels is neat, the challenges and bonus levels add some variety, and the multiplayer is alright! Lots of content here!

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ChuChu Rocket! is back. Enjoy the revived SEGA hit game as it scurries its way into a series of mind-blowing 3D puzzles. With a quirky art style, cat and mouse pathfinding puzzles, and a universe full of strange and wonderful planets to explore and solve, ChuChu Rocket! Universe is a whole new take on the ground-breaking Dreamcast classic.


Guide the ChuChus in over 100 mind-bending puzzles to solve as you travel through many unique and delightful galaxies. Explore a universe full of surprises while rescuing your mouse-napped friends from the claws of King Kapu and his wacky band of space cats, the KapuKapu!


You know what you need to do; it’s just hard to achieve when the gameplay is constantly shifting, and everyone is trying to get one step ahead!


As you make your way across the universe, different play styles are necessary in each type of level – chill and take your time - solving brain scratching puzzles, or race against the clock in timed challenge levels, and confront an assortment of King Kapu’s toughest henchmen in boss battles!


Jump into four-player quick matches or invite your friends to join you in frenzied multiplayer battles. Easy to pick up and play, but tough to put down frantic action. Compete in free-for-all or team battles in both old favorite classic maps, and a whole host of new arenas to challenge your friends in.


Master every Constellation and collect and fill your home planet with an adorable assortment of ChuChus. Each ChuChu you discover in single player unlocks a new avatar for multiplayer!

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