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Agent Intercept

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An action-packed, level-based driving game with a really beautiful mix of 3D and 2D graphics. Completing a level isn't always about reaching the end of the track, which is fun. Think of Outrun but with gadgets and enemies to shoot down.

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Mission No. 057

Statement: Vacation Cancelled

=== Situation ===

Sorry to disturb you on your vacation Agent, but the covert organization CLAW are back to their old tricks. We need you to put a stop to their operation before it’s too late!

=== Mission ===

Chase the bad guys and race against time to retrieve top-secret counter-intelligence in your slick, souped-up vehicle. Drive, drift, and duel in missions across exotic locales, deploying high-tech gadgets and avoiding hazards to save the day in style.

Agent, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance, do you accept this mission?

- HQ


• High-octane action complete with daring stunts

• Gorgeous vibrant art and graphics

• Exciting missions on land and water – transform your car to an off-road vehicle and a boat to keep your target in sight!

• Energetic original songs inspired by beloved soundtracks of the spy genre

• Limited time crises, each featuring a new challenge

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